Creating custom artwork for a bar-top sounds pretty straight forward until you start digging into the particulars of execution. This project was done for Pourworks on Six Forks in Raleigh. The plan was to create a scrolling canvas with pages from the Dalai Llama’s two books, “The Art of Happiness” and “The Universe in a Single Atom“. These pages were pulled from the book and adhesive was applied to the page and the canvas. I used an iron to seal the pages to the canvas firmly.

Once the pages were adhered seamlessly to the canvas I painted a series of birds in flight on top of the pages.

The canvas needed to be adhered to the wooden base of the bar with no air-pockets between the two. Any significant air bubbles could spider-crack the epoxy once it was applied and cured. No pressure.  :O

Once the canvas was applied I moved aside and let the professionals apply the epoxy. I had no experience working with the material and it leaves no room for error. Thankfully they were able to apply the clear epoxy and it sealed the artwork beautifully.

This bar was the second piece we did for Pourworks and I am very proud of how it turned out. Looking forward to exploring more project in this arena in the future.